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Dr. Julia Hare
         DR. JULIA HARE    
Dr. Julia Hare is widely regarded as one of the most dynamic motivational
speakers on the nation's podiums today. The Black Think Tank has decided to
turn her loose on the lecture circuit this fall.  If you have ever had the
satisfaction of hearing this sista speak, you already know why she is gaining so
much notice and popularity at conference gatherings and campuses across
America and even creating excitement in other lands.  The largest black
newspaper in London,
The Voice, recently dubbed this genteel woman of class
and charm a “lady Malcolm X” in a feature story of how she is, quote,  “setting
the black world on fire” after she electrified the Tavis Smiley “State of the
Black Union Conference” with her breakout blast of velvety tough-talk about
the difference between “black leaders” and “leading blacks.”

YouTube clip picked it up and clocked a million hits from around the world. In
an  editorial beside its two-page feature story,
The Voice said further that “We
Need Black Leaders Not Leading Blacks,” and “thanks to Internet sites like
YouTube, Dr. Hare’s powerful and at times amusing comments on modern
black life have reached out to people everywhere. In Britain, many ‘in the
know’ are starting to talk about her…Her comments about the differences
between ‘black leaders’ and ‘leading blacks’ absolutely strikes the nail on the
head…The likes of Martin Luther King have been replaced by media
appointed ‘leading blacks’ who have got to their positions of influence by
pretending to the establishment that they have the ear of black people."

Turn on this YouTube Video to Hear
Dr. Julia Hare at the State of the Black Union

Thunder and Lightning, Purple Rain
At press-time Dr. Hare was just back from a rousing keynote the
NAACP's annual Freedom Fund Dinner in Anchorage, Alaska, with
reports coming in that she had rocked the house like no other;  "the
lady is off the chain," wrote her host, Andrea Antoine. Past keynoters
included Dick Gregory and Judge Mathis.  The sista has never let up
since dazzling the National Leadership Conference of the Alpha Kappa
Alpha Sorority this year as well as  Harvard's National Black Law
Student Leadership Conference. At Delta Sigma Theta's recent
national convention in Florida many awestruck individuals in the
audience told later how, when a hurricane warning was followed by
some serious thunder and lightning, Dr. Hare  spoke on as if unwary of  
the seemingly supernatural forces dancing dangerously if not defiantly
around her and the podium.

Sass and Class
If you haven’t yet heard this dynamite touch of American African class
and wisdom in person, get ready for a black-eyed Susan with a militant
savoir-faire and a sharp but silky tongue that is stylishly fueled by
knowledge, brilliance and wit, riveted by a rapier-like delivery
reminiscent of Garvey and a touch of the eloquence of King—a woman
for all seasons, who tells it like it is and lays it on the line with a folksy
cornucopia of militancy and class. So, whether you're male or female or
undecided, black, white, or polka dot, ethnocentric, afrocentric,
eurocentric, egocentric, or just eccentric, you will leave her speeches
both pleased and wonderfully pleasured by the charm of a unique voice
that is powered by a pristine singularity of purpose, nothing less than a
vocal black widow spider too far beyond ideology to mind or measure,
reminding you of things you'd sometimes rather not remember but
makes you think as well as laugh; audiences find her unforgettable.

Wit and Wisdom
Dr. Julia Hare has appeared to mesmerize forums from Attorney Alton
Maddox's  United African Movement in Brooklyn and Maulana
Karenga's Afrikan Institute in the City of the Angels  to the annual
"empowerment" seminars at the Essence Culture Festival in New
Orleans, not to mention Tavis Smiley's San Francisco unveiling of “The
Covenant.” She has  captivated Congressional Black Caucus panels
with Cornell West and John Hope Franklin, inspired the Annual Power
Networking Conference of the 19,000-member FraserNet Group, along
with Dick Gregory, Les Brown, Michael Dyson, Na'im Akbar, and the  
Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Some of Dr. Julia Hare's other national conference keynoting included
Rust College’s annual National Black Student Leadership Conference,
t, the convention of Blacks in Government (B.I.G.), the Big Eight Black
Student Conference, the Big Ten Black Student Conference, and  the
State of Black Students forums currently sweeping the country with
best-selling novelist Omar Tyree, former BET personality Jeff
Johnson, assorted academicians of prominence, and the annual
convention of the 100 Black Men of America, dedicated to "Saving Our
Sons: The Education Crisis among African-American Boys."

Others include the annual Harvard Law School Black Student
Conference, the Distinguished Rockefeller Lecture at the University of
Arkansas at Pine Bluff; and she has been a Distinguished Visiting
Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania's W.E.B. DuBois College
House and Stillman College (Alabama), Distinguished Visiting Scholar
at Large for the United Negro College Fund. Shle has been
Commencement Speaker for colleges including Claflin University,
Merritt College, and Langston University's Centennial Graduation as  
well as keyoote speaker for the Annual Carter G. Woodson Weekend
at Berea College.

Dr. Hare's  1985 pamphlet, in collaboration with her husband was called

Bringing the Black Boy to Manhood: The Passage
, which issued the
call and was the catalyst in 1985 for the rites of passage movement for
American African boys that continues today.

City Magazine has named Dr. Julia Hare one of the Ten Most
Influential African-Americans in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she
has been selected as one of
Ebony magazine's one hundred most
influential. Her biographies have been selected by
Who's Who of
American Women, Who's Who in America,
and Who's Who in the

Sexual Politics  
Aside from her tantalizing new treatise, The Sexual and Political
Anorexia of the Black Woman: the Pain, Guts and Glory of the Black
, Dr. Julia Hare is the author of the highly amusing and
insightful tell-it-like-it-is-ear-popping-brainstorming
How to Find and
Keep a BMW (Black Man Working)
. She has co-authored a number of  
books and the Hares are set to release a new book of selected essays
from the popular but now defunct journal,
Black Male/Female
, in 2009. It is tentatively titled "Splendor in the Dust:
The Best of Black Male-Female Relationships

Dr. Hare  is a former ABC and Golden West Broadcasting talk show
host in San Francisco and has appeared as a guest on radio and
television network programs nationally and internationally. Prior to
breaking into broadcasting, Dr. Hare was a prizewinning schoolteacher
in the District of Columbia and also has taught  in Chicago and
Maryland, Oklahoma's Langston University, City College of San
Francisco, the University of San Francisco and the D.C. Teachers
College of the University of the District of Columbia. Understandably
she was named one of Ebony's 150 most influential African-Americans
for 2008 (one of the ten selected in the category of "Education").

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Phone: 415-474-1707                                               
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The Pain Guts and Glory of the  Black
by Julia Hare

Chapter 1
The Pain Guts and Glory of the Black Woman

Chapter 2
The Fight for Love and Glory

Chapter 3
The Politics of Black Skin and Hair
The Scorned Woman
The Status Seeker
The Social Nymph

Chapter 4
Male Carriers of the Virus of the Virus of Sexual
Men Who Play
Men Who Fear Love
Men Who Pimp Their Women
Chapter 5
Why Black Women Find It Hard to Work with White

Chapter 6
Cam Black Women Ever Unite?

(Black Man Working)
Dr. Julia Hare

1. Getting Ready to Kick It
2. The Successful Black Woman
3. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
4. Black Women Who Marry
White Men
5. The Brother Who Marries White
Where Have You Gone?
6. The Eurocentric Brother
7. The Afrocentric Brother
8. The Bisexual Brother
9. Married Men
If I Could Snap My Fingers
10.Brothers Who Play
11.Sleep-In Lovers and the Man            Over Your
12.The Violent Man
Confessions of an Ex-Wife  
13.The Blue Collar Lover
14.Will He Be a Self Help Soul   
Mate Or a Corporate  
15.Train What You Want
16.The 10 Cardinal No-No's
Calling All Black Men
17.A BMW Has His Say
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Tradition of

How to Find and Keep a BMW (BLack Man Working)
Sexual and Political Anorexia: The Pain  Guts and Glory of the Black Woman
Dr. Julia Hare, Live on "Black
Wall Street
Keynoting 100th Anniversary of  the Historic Mt.
Zion Baptist Church Bombed from the Air in the
Tulsa Riot of 1921

Fire on Mt. Zion
By Edward L. Goodwin II
The Oklahoma Eagle

A capacity audience was in attendance for the
100th Anniversary Banquet of Mt. Zion Baptist
Church based on a theme of “We’ve come this
far by faith!!! Hebrews 11:1-6. They had come
to hear the words of one of their own, Dr. Julia
Hare, National Executive Director of the Black
Think Tank.
Others on the program were Rev. Maurice
Hatton, Master of Ceremony; Invocation by Dr.
Leroy M. Cole, Pastor with a praise dance
performed by a group entitled Envision.
Rochelle Chambers was soloist for the
The dinner menu consisted of Cornish Hens,
Wild Rice, Vegetable Medley, Green Salad,
Rolls w/butter, Sweet Potato Pie/Peach
Cobbler, Iced Tea and Coffee. It was prepared
by Ms. Kitty’s Catering Co.
Dr. Ernest L. Holloway, President Emeritus,
Langston University, introduced the speaker,
Dr. Julia Hare, followed by a special
presentation to her by Dr. Sharlene Johnson,
Chairperson, Mt. Zion Joint Board. Dr. Cole,
Senior Pastor, Mt. Zion, seated next to Dr. Hare
dismissed the program.
A former Tulsan, and Booker T. Washington,
Class of 1951 grad, Dr. Hare was named one
of the most influential African Americans in the
nation by Ebony Magazine. She has
participated in forums on major social, civil,
and political issues for the Congressional Black
Caucus annual Legislative Conference to the
National Conference of 100 Black Men and
many others. She also is a former member of
Mt. Zion Baptist Church (for which she played
the piano and the organ in her youth) and a
member of the Booker T. Washington High
School Hall of Fame.
She is the author of How to Find and Keep a
BMW (Black Man Working); The Sexual and
Political Anorexia of the Black Woman, and
coauthored numerous books with her husband,
Dr. Nathan Hare.
Dr. Hare was right on time, as she expressed
vividly her feelings about what should be done
in the future at Mt. Zion, appearing on 1340
Radio A.M. on the Early Eagle Morning Show
prior to her distinguished engagement.
She expressed her views candidly about Black
Women – Mothers of the Universe, symbols of
stability, family, community and the nation. As
an example, she said they run the churches,
though she conceded that they are not allowed
to get in the pulpit and preach.
She countered with statements from our
ancestors and entertainers, the likes of Lena
Horne and Billie Holiday. She said, they both
agreed that black women have habits.
Lena Horne: black women have a habit of
survival in recessions and depressions. Billie
Holiday put it on our minds, to always recall
that “Mama may have, Papa may have, but God
bless the child that’s got his own.” Dr. Hare
concluded, “but media exhibits stereotypes to
Told of being in Anchorage, Alaska, where one
of the apologists for Sarah Palin asked her, if
she really believed a black woman could be a
First Lady?, or if a black woman could run the
White House. Dr. Hare replied, to the inspired
audience, “if you can run a black house, you
can run a white house. (Met with thunderous
She then added, “That only a sistah (black
women) can go from the hood to the
corporation and keep it real in both places.
The dynamic psychologist addressed the black
women as “Combat Divas.” She countered,
“There are a million black men in jail and
prison, more than anywhere else in the world.
She praised the unincarcerated black men,
who had managed to attend religious activities
without being handcuffed.
Focusing on more stereotypes; E.g., Black men
as “sex machines.” She observed that was
apparently why Nobel Prize winningToni
Morrison thought Bill Clinton was the first
black president.
She said they loved to see black men rapping,
dancing and dunking, but are scared and
terrified when they see motivations, intellect
and perseverance. She encouraged the black
en present to keep on scaring white folks to
Definitely on a roll, Dr. Hare then proceeded to
take timeout to unite the audience. She ten
acknowledged that if the black community
would unite, more freedom would raise than
from a passage of a thousand civil rights bills.
Picking up on the theme of the church, ”We’ve
come This Far by Faith,” she warned the
audience, if they are to see the benefit of faith,
they must force it with words and actions.
Action includes reclaiming the children’s minds,
restoring the discipline taken out of black
parents hands, said the coauthor of the
Essence Magazine 2008 bestseller, The
Miseducation of the Black Child, as well as the
catalyst for the recent rites of passage
movement for African-American boys, Bringing
the Black Boy to Manhood, suggested that we
tell white power mongers that if they don’t tell
us how to educate and discipline our children,
we won’t tell you how to educate and
discipline theirs.
She admonished African-Americans to stay on
top of the runaway white media, noting their
diabolical distortion: e.g., Amber Alert for
missing white kids. When we also need a
Tamika alert when black girls are missing.
Dr. Hare challenged the audience to stop being
thermometers, which only measure the
temperature of the room, to be a thermostat,
and set the temperature as Joe Louis and
Muhammad Ali did in the boxing ring. She
encouraged them to always be on a mission.
She emphasized an endless mission of
networking action through the community and
Addressing the Tulsa Riot of 1921, in which the
original Mount Zion Church was destroyed, she
urged the listening audience to reclaim Black
Wall Street, beginning with the GAP
(Greenwood, Archer and Pine) to put back
Black businesses, pharmacies and other
She admonished to take back what’s left of
Black Wall Street – new ballparks, the white
folk’s lofts and all. She concluded, “we don’t
have to ask permission. They didn’t ask our
permission to destroy Greenwood, so we don’t
have to ask to rebuild it, brick by brick.
Dr. Hare concluded, “Sorrow looks back.
Worry looks around. Faith looks up and she
emphasized, we must keep the faith
28th Annual
Celebration of the
Birth of Dr. Martin
Luther King, Jr.,
City of Las Vegas,
Caesar's Palace,
To Never Forget
Dr. Julia Hare
Parents must
'jump in there'

By PAT LEE Staff Reporter

From the Chronicle Herald,
Halifax, Nova Scotia
July 13, 2010

The hard work of raising children who
make good choices in life starts at home,
says a renowned psychologist and author
who lectures on the state of black families.

Julia Hare, who has been in Halifax for a
few days speaking to African-Nova Scotia
parents and educators, said Monday too
many people are afraid to become their
child’s best role model.

"Education begins at home. The parent
must be clear that they are in charge."

Hare, who lives in San Francisco, said too
many parents throw up their hands in
frustration when their children are having
problems and try to point the finger at
outside influences such as friends or

"If you want something to stop, you’ve got
to jump in there yourself. Don’t farm that
out to someone else."

The author of several books on black
relationships and healthy family dynamics,
Hare said she is often asked to counsel
communities that struggle with youth
violence and high dropout rates.

She said she heard some of those same
concerns when speaking to educators
taking part in the Africentric Learning
Institute summer learning program at the
North Preston Community Centre on
Sunday and Monday.

The sessions run through Friday and are
organized by the Council on African
Canadian Education.

Hare was also scheduled to speak
Monday night at Cornwallis Street Baptist
Church in Halifax to deliver a lecture
called Saving Our Black Family.

She works with husband Nathan Hare, a
psychologist credited with starting the first
black studies program at San Francisco
State University in 1968.

She said some parents expect the school
system to straighten out their kids once
they get there, but parents are wasting
valuable learning time.

"Not only does your discipline start at
home, but your child’s education also
begins at home. You are the first teacher
that this baby will have ever seen. You
are the primary teacher."

In some troubled communities, like-minded
mothers and fathers are banding together
to work to keep their kids on the straight
and narrow, seeking out their own
parenting role models, she said.

Hare said this is her first trip to the
province and she is learning about the
history of African-Nova Scotians.


‘Not only does your discipline start at

but your child’s education also begins at